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Originally Posted by Stoke&Smoke View Post
I don't think in the long run much is wasted. And what is, is a trade off for how quickly the pig cooks.

Ash doesn't fall on the pig, unless you screw up, or have really hight winds. You remove the coal pan, and rest it on the long handles when going after the pig.

Downside is, unless you use some sort of smoke generator, you won't get much smoke on the pig. Cinder block pit would be cheaper, but bigger and bulkier. You can definitely cook a lot of food at once.

Smoke-In-Da-Eye here on the forum has posted at least one pig roast worth of photos
Well I'm just thinking as opposed to how chicken is cooked over a pit made from steel roofing ?? All heat has to go past the meat to escape, if you lay the coals on a grate on top, 50% of the radiant heat goes into the sky ? In more typical grilling, the radiant heat from the non meat side of the coals is reflected from the pit, or absorbed by it and radiated back into the cooking area ?

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