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Question Which WLAN Temperature Controller?

I tried to read up on that topic, but I completely lost oversight. All I ever thought about, was an iQ 110, nothing more sophisticated, but since it's a long way down to my cooking area from my home office in the 2nd floor, it would be nice to be able to check and control the temperature controller from my work place (specially because my Maverick also does not work that far, which is why I always have to let the receiver stay at the ground floor, and I then have to run down to check what's going on once the alarm goes on).

Can anybody with the knowledge or who already researched that matter list the available temperature controllers that are accessible over WLAN?

Is there a WLAN accessible temperature controller with food and grate probes as well?

It really is time that I order a temperature controller, because now that it is getting real cold outside, it gets harder and harder to keep my WSM in the target temperature range (huge influence of sunshine hitting the WSM if outside temp is low).
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