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Originally Posted by Q-Dat View Post
I don't know if you can get Olive wood over there, but I have used it a couple of times, and I thought it was a lot like oak.
They sell olive wood in small boxes here at a local wholesale supermarket, but it's not cheep. I still hope I find another oak opportunity nearby. Next up is beech, I still have some mesquite from twinsfan's bag left, and some other woods I first have to cut in small pieces to accelerate seasoning.

This cook was pretty much perfect procedure wise, I could not tell what to improve. The only obstacle is temperature control.

My cooking area is on the lowest deck of our hillside estate, and it's not only sunshine that influences the temperature profile, but wind as well.

Once I have put about 10 pieces of lit lump on top, and the grate temp reaches about 250F, I put the meat on and close all three intakes to about 1/8 to maintain pretty steady 235-270F. It may be the characteristics of my lemon tree lump, but over time temp rises to about 300F, and after foiling about 4 hours in I get an overshoot up to about 350F (especially when a lot of fresh air comes in when I put the potatoes through the front door onto the lower grate). I do not start to fiddle around with the intakes any more, just let it do it's thing, but this is where an iQ 110 would come in handy, and that's why it is still on my shopping list (but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of being able to check and control the temp controller over the net, especially because it is quite cumbersome to get from my home office in the 2nd floor to the cooking area).

Am I babbling? Maybe, but it can't be the hunger talking again since it's just short after 9 a.m. right now, and all I can think of is the thin sliced beef on rye bread waiting for me at lunch. Is it noon yet?
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