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Default Temp Probe Life ?

Im curious and would like to know what kind of life you guys have been seeing from your temp probes on your temp control units? I have a Iq 110 and I love it but I feel as if the probe failed prematurely . I have done 8 or so long cooks on my performer with the iq but all have been low and slow around 225 deg and I havent had any fires or flair ups. I drilled a hole in the kettle so the wire leads wouldnt get pinched and my probe looks like new but my unit constanly gives the open lid alarm and was told that was the sign of a bad temp probe. I have emailed John at bbq iq and he has been more than help full but I want to know how many of these probes i need to keep in stock for my hobby! Is there any were to buy these probes or would i be better off just buying them from the company that makes the unit? Thanks guys for the info in advance.
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