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Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
So I polished off a couple jars of sweet and hot peppers on some Italian sandwiches yesterday. With all the peppers gone I was still left with half a jar of juice. I was thinking of reusing the juice and just adding some peppers or pickles or whatever. Are there any safety concerns here? Also, if you have done this, anything you have found to work better than others?
There are major health concerns when re-using that juice, adding more peppers or anything else to that juice will mess up the acid and salt level that keeps the food safe in the first place. You basically will be diluting the vinegar and salt content. One thing you can do is put a few hard-boiled eggs that have been peeled, only let them set in there for a couple of days before eating though or else you risk those eggs going bad, keep refrigerated!!!!.
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