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We volunteered both days. On Saturday I was a table runner and Kathy helped with the turn ins. We walked around a fair bit the hour or so before our work started. I used some common sense and just said hi and moved on. I was watching a couple of teams work.

I commented to Kath about the layout of Aporkalypse (sp?) work area and how the setup made for efficient movement. Was looking at the range of grills used and made mental notes for future questions.

Being a table runner put me in the position of being able to see how boxes looked and to hear some of the comments from the judges.

I was a fly on the wall for the Cooks' meeting on Friday and the Judges' meeting on Saturday. I also had the opportunity to judge two ancillary categories on Friday - though I had no clue what I was doing.

Saturday morning we met a fellow Brethren who is looking to start up a team and we agreed to talk more about this.

And finally got to know one of the KCBS judges and it turns out he is a fellow Canadian ex-pat. We will certianly keep in touch.

All in all it was a couple of days well spent. We are spending the day today recovering. At appears we are both rather out of shape or are just getting old.

And yes, we will definitely let you know next time we are coming down to your neck of the woods Smoke. I get down to RTP on a semi-regular basis.
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