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I tried a bag of Cowboy yesterday after seeing this review. I figured I'd give it another shot just in case it was actually an improvement over the stuff I remember using before. But no, it still sucks!!!

I had used it for doing pizza on the Weber with my pizza contraption I made. It didn't get hot enough for more than 15 minutes, long enough to get 2 pizza's out of the 7 I was planning on cooking, even with the bottom vents wide open and the front of my pizza adapter being wide open.

Wicked Good or Big Green Egg (Royal Oaks top shelf private labeled) is still far better as far as I'm concerned. I've spent the last $7 and some change on Cowboy. Regards to the Royal Oak red bag, likely won't buy that again for the same reasons. However, their Big Green Egg private label line and their Steak House blend is always welcome in my grill or smoker!!!

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