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I have been smoking on one of these little guys and they are truly amazing. I am very new to smoking, only four smokes ever and the last two were on this little guy and the other two on a Brinkmann electric (Don't shoot me for using electric, I didn't know any better! LOL) While my pastrami turned into leather and the spare ribs were too fall off the bone tender, it wasn't the smokers fault. It was all due to my huge learning curve on smoking low and slow vs. grilling meat hot and fast.

These things are so darn cheap too! Amazing how you can make a little smoker for that price. Anyone else think that you could probably make barbecue as good on this thing as you could a $2000 large smoker?

Anywho, here a picture of mine. I added one of the Weber kettle grille utensil holders to the side and I only had to reshape it to fit the smaller circumference of the the tamale pot. I currently don't have a lower rack, only the one that is about 3 1/2" from the top of the pot. My question is though, if I rest a grate on top of the 12" terra cotta saucer, will the saucer radiate a lot of heat to the meat on the lower grate compared to the top grate? Seems like it being so close to the terra cotta would make it cook a whole lot faster. Anyone had problems with this happening and the meat cooking too fast down low when cooking exactly the same cuts? I guess this wouldn't be a problem if your cooking a chicken and a pork butt, but I don't usually mix cuts like that.

My pot only has holes drilled in it exactly like the steamer insert has that comes with the pot, not the entire bottom cut out, and my saucer is sitting on that elevated about 1/2" off the bottom holes with a little wire stand.

BTW, the smoker temp gauge is from a Masterbuilt smoker that was on display at Bass Pro. I asked the guy if they had any extra therms and he unscrewed it and gave it to me. He said the displays always end up getting chunked or sent back to the manufacturer when they quit selling them so take it for free. Thought that was nice, and hopefully the therms that come with Masterbuilt's square smokers are accurate and reliable.

The handle on the lower vent is a handle off of a cheap Harbor Freight side grinder that I botched for this. It was only $20 and I've had it forever, and if I ever need to use one I can just take the handle off my Makita since it fits the threads. No reason to ever use the cheap one though when you have a nice Makita on hand. :) The cheap handle fit right into the hole I drilled so there was no need for a bolt on the backside, and pretty nice since the handle was the metal flange and threads already on it, no mods required.
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