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Default Deboning a Pork Leg

Took these pics while I was prepping some hams the other night. I figure they'd make a very basic how-to for anyone that's interested in de-boning a pork leg. Now I wouldn't call myself a professional butcher by any means but I do believe I know my way around a hog. That being said this is just how I do it.

Here's the leg.

Once you skin it, remove the aitch bone by following the bone with your knife (didn't get a pic of this ) There wil be a tendon attaching it to the femur inside the socket. Once you've done that feel for the femur bone (thigh). Right on top there will be a seam in the muscles. Take your knife and gently open it up, you can also use your fingers by running your finger firmly between the seam.

That seam will take you to the inside edge of the thigh bone. Take your knife and run it along the length of the bone, over and underneath releasing the bone from the meat. You can then get your fingers in and lift the middle of the bone while you cut away the top knuckle.

Hold the top of the femur and lift. as you do so free the bone from the meat towards the knee. Once you come to the knee cap stick your knife through and cut away the bone from the leg. There might be some meat left on the bone below the knee but I consider that waste and goes into the soup pot.

And there you go. a deboned leg without paying that extra buck or 2 per lb!

Well thanks for looking guys. I know it wasn't all that thorough but I hope it made sense!
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