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So, all-in-all everything turned out alright. I made a bit more than $100 for the fundraiser charging $5 per breakfast sandwich. I got a lot of compliments (including from a guy who owns a posh restaurant), but didn't sell nearly as well as I had hoped. I think that might have a little to do with the fact that the majority of the attendees were kids and Hollywood Hills housewives (if I had a dollar for every time I was told that they were a vegan or a vegetarian...) and I was competing against a lot of baked sweet goods.

I was underwhelmed by the end product, but I am usually my own worst critic. Maybe I'll enjoy the leftovers more tomorrow. A few places where I went wrong: first, I should have made 2 fatties out of each 3 lb. log of sausage rather than one big one. It would have made things easier in transferring to and from the grill without breaking in the middle. Second, I think I overstuffed with cheese and eggs, so I had some leakage of the stuffing. Next time, I'll tone down the amount of filling I use. I ended up using 6 lbs of sausage in what I sold (and have another 3 lbs of sausage I used for a 3rd patty that is in my fridge).

Well, no rest for the wicked... I am grilling steaks (w/ blue cheese butter) tonight and making some smoked mac n' cheese for my best friend's GF's B-day dinner at our place. The wife is making apple crisp and homemade vanilla ice cream. My friend is bringing some backed beans (using some leftover pulled pork I made last week) and we'll also have some sauteed spinach.

I'll definitely be making fatties again, next time without the stress of cooking for others, and with some experience under my belt.

Sorry for no pr0n... I was too tired and stressed to even think about it. Next time.

Thanks for all the help!
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