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Post Today's Simply Marvelous Butt

Seems like forever since I've lit the smoker or been here on the forum. The end of summer was very busy with way too many things going on - oh well. It's starting to slow down finally. Mrs. Campdude had some minor foot surgery yesterday, so I figured I'd Toss some meat on the Bandera while taking care of her. I pulled a 5# pork butt out of the freezer and mixed some Simply Marvelous rubs with some ground smoked chilis. Rubbed the butt all over and put it in at about 250*. I let it climb slowly over the next hour or so to almost 300*. I mixed some cherry apple juice concentrate with a bit more ground chili to use for mopping. At 265* I panned it with the last of the mop juice and covered with foil. I just pulled it at 207*. I want to rip into it now, but will let it rest while the rest of dinner gets ready. Here's the starting pron. Will post the finished pron in a while.
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