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Ok, fellas-don't laugh but I have done several this way and they come out moist and good tasting. First I coat the outside of the ham with a light brushing of honey ( makes the pineapple stick ). cut 2 pieces of cheese cloth large enough to tightly wrap around the ham. soak cheesecloth in melted butter- place the ham on first piece of cheesecloth then cover the ham with crushed pineapple-then wrap tightly with the cheesecloth. sprinkle with alittle of your favorite rub or spices-then wrap the second piece of cheesecloth tightly around the ham-use toothpicks to hold cloth in place. spray with pineapple juice about once an hour.

Make a glaze out of 1/2 cup brown sugar-1/4 cup honey-1Tbs worcestershire sauce-6oz pineapple juice- cook down til thickened alittle.

last 1/2 hour of cooking take cheesecloth off and baste with glaze several times.
remember when double smoking a ham go light on the smoke and don't cook it too long-it's already been cooked-so you're really only reheating it. doesn't need to go to 180* internal.
hope this helps

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