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You know, writing "fine tuning P,I,D" is really pretty meaningless. Over a 12 hour cook, I gave the Tiger a lot of time, and it pretty much stayed at 250 to 265. Now, some of that may be the nature of the Akorn and not bringing the temp up slow enough. But that still doesn't tell me why with the temp set for 235 the fan comes on when it is 250 or more.
For example: In the "manual" under Setting Parameter(sic) you write:

press "SET1", it will show "F-C>SL1>SL2>HDC - Set data accordingly

Define what the parameters "SL1" and "SL2" are

Under "Set 1" you write:

P Default 30
I Default 240
D Default 60

Define what "P", "I" and "D" are in this context.

Nothing makes much sense without knowing what these are and I don't have time for trial and error figuring it.

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