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Originally Posted by Texas Turtle View Post
My local purveyor of BBQ stuff recently added Lazzeri lump to their stock of offerings. It seems to be cheaper than RO on a unit basis. Anybody use this stuff?
Lazarri's been my go-to lump for the last couple of years, since I got a kamado, and I can also get it here locally in NorCal for about $9.49 for a generous 20lb bag. I actually weighed it out once and it was a bit over 20lbs.

I really like it, although cooking with mesquite wood does have a couple draw backs, but nothing that would be a deal breaker.

First of all, it has good sized chucks of lump, not just a bunch of tiny pieces. This can sometimes be annoying, as you will need to break up the real large pieces with a hammer, or by smacking them on the ground

Lazzarri burns hot, and for a long time. I've been able to keep a firebox of it going for 12-14 hours straight at a consistant temp for pork shoulders, and it will heat up to 600+ rather quickly for searing steaks or cooking pizzas.

Most all mesquite charcoal will spark and pop some when starting. This is generally minimal if you mound your charcoal up well and don't have too many real small pieces.

Mesquite charcoal will also impart a very slight mesquite smoke aroma to your food. I find it tastes pleasant but some people do not care for it, especially on fish and chicken. For me, it's always been too minimal to really notice.

Until I can find another brand as consistant and as cheap, I'll continue using it.
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