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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Oops, I always cook packers in the 9-12 pound range after trimming. Which means I am buying 14 to 16 pound packers. I will buy a select over a choice to get the weight I want. I don't like small packers, and I rarely see anything over 16 pounds untrimmed.

I also rarely run cooks below 275F, as my cookers prefer to sit there. The last cook, a 11 pound trimmed choice angus, the kettle just would not come up to anything over 250F, it cooked there for 8 hours and 1 hour at 400F, it was just fine.

Ok , so I'm learning yet another new thing here , my packer is 14.1 pounds. That was weighed in the crypack , with all the blood and the fat. I only expected to lose maybe a pound trimming. According to this it may be more like 3 or 4 pounds?
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