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I think Biggie's post is excellent. I like to cook my brisket to where I can pull the point by hand, no knife needed.

BTW, most brisket cooks that fail, for first timers, fail because of impatience. No matter what method you use, do not undercook the brisket. Almost nobody overcooks their first brisket, yet almost all first timers think they do. It will take longer than you think, it will seem worse than it is. You have to let the meat cook, If it is very easy to probe, if it flops when you pick it up, or if it wiggles when you shake it, then you are done. Not before. If you must check internal temperature, it will be between 190F and 215F, but, that is not enough to know for sure, feel is your only guide.

And let it rest for at least an hour, tented in foil, wrapped in a cooler, whatever, just let it rest for a while. I prefer to rest in a pan, in butcher paper wrap, in a cooler of warm oven.
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