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Default The Ultimate SECRETS of Aaron Franklin Brisket Revealed!!

Are you sad and tired of your shoe leather briskets and watched some Travel Channel episode featuring some New York City guy orgasmically gushing at Franklin's Brisket?

Are you willing to shell out your time & money to go to something like Jack's Old South at a cost of $750 + 2 days stay at Cordele @ $160 + transportation of $150 for a whooping total cost of $1060?

Well here's your chance to learn to cook JUST LIKE AARON!!! No DVDs, No Travel needed, hell you don't even need toss me the shameless ad man any money. Hell it's gonna cost LESS than a trip to JOS and you'll cook BETTER


Step#1 Pick a grill. Don't matter what it is Lang, Backwoods, UDS, OTG, Hole-in-ground.

Step#2 Block off the next 3 months of Saturdays.

Step#3 Pick a cooking method that's listed in the forum by people who do BBQ brisket all the time. Don't farking matter which one: Hot-N-Fast, Low-N-Slow, Wrap in foil, butcher paper, clingwrap, no wrap. Whatever just pick ONE. That's right ONE. Don't mix other methods, don't add your secret spice just pick ONE.

Step#4 your rub is salt & pepper. Call it a day why make this so complicated?

Step#5 Cook a packer EVERY SINGLE week for the next 17 Saturdays. @ $6/lb 10 lbs this will cost you slightly over $1,000 in brisket.

Step#6 Enter the gates of Holy Brisket Sainthood. Be warned. You become completely indifferent to stokers, temperatures, thermometers, debates on wrapping. You've learned by cooking over a hundred lbs of brisket, you manly man you.

And this is a FOOL-PROOF method. Can't fail. If you can cook a brisket every single week, probing it, testing for hold times, etc. I can't see how you won't have heavenly brisket. If you had Aaron hold your hand tenderly for an entire cook you'd still suck. My brisket is pretty crappy for one reason and one alone. I don't cook it a lot cuz my thing is whole hog.

Hell by the 3rd time you'll find it seamless. By attempt #5 it's child's play.

Act Now! This offer might not last!
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