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How much charcoal are you using for cooks and reloads? Obviously thats way easier than tending fires in offsets. How much charcoal will the basket hold? In my UDS, I use 1 mini split of pecan and cherry, 1O lbs of lump and 1/2 chimney starter to get it going. I have my fires lit by 530 and the briskie goes on @6 @300 in comps. 300 is my fav cooking temp. My thInking with the vault is briskets cooked on the top rack, 2nd rack pans to catch juice, middle rack 3 slabs for normal comps, 4th rack foil to shorten up bottom rack to make that area run a little hotter for chicken. In my mind the layout is perfect. Inhave studied and studied the vault, and I know that's what I want, there is always a little devil on my shoulder poking me saying "what about the sniper, you know you will get a better bark with a offset" ergonomically I think the vault will fit my needs better. There will only be 1 air inlet and it will not be a slide damper like current, it will be a ball valve just like for the water pan sonincan run the guru. I would think with 10 lbs of lump, some prelit briquettes and 2 mini splits should run 6 hrs no prob. I just need my fires to run from 6 am till 4 pm for comps
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