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Thanks for the pointers guys. I'm actually in the middle of a practice run right now. A couple of things I have noticed so far that i need to adjust:

The brisket- I decided to not use a thermometer at all because I wanted to learn to cook it by feel and not rely on the thermo. I let it go for 8 hours and then started checking it with a toothpick every 30 mins. After 10 hours, the point had no resistance at all but the flat still had some, well compared to the point it did. I went ahead and pulled it and then checked the temp to see how close i was. The point was 215 and the flat was 210. The point was awesome, but the flat was dry. I guess the toothpick test should mainly be done on the flat? cause its gonna feel tough if comparing it to the point. I didn't inject it at all before the cook or foil, just set smoker to 225 and let it ride. Would either of these have helped? and if so whats a good injection?

The Butt- I put it on at 9:00 last night and when i got up at 5:30 this morning the temp was at 175. Only problem is no bark at all. I prepped the butt the same as I always have but compared to cooking in my uds it just doesn't have any bark. Only things I can think of is either A: I filled the water pan up with apple juice, maybe it kept the smoker too moist? or B: I'm cooking at 225, which is a little lower than I do in my UDS.

I have ribs and chicken going right now also. I'm trying a run with everything at 225, but I feel certain the chicken is not gonna like that low of a temp. I normally cook at 250-275 but trying to dial in my ribs and get rid of the jerky like top layer thats been forming lately.

Thanks for all the help again.
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