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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
I've got Instacure (cure #1) and Morton's Tenderquick, haven't really needed any other ones.

This is a great book

Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting,Smoking,and Curing: Michael Ruhlman,Brian Polcyn,Thomas Keller: 9780393058291: Books

As is this one

Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing: Rytek Kutas,Ben Kutas: 9780025668607: Books

Once you start doing this stuff you most likely won't go back to store bought cured meats.
I agree with the books above, I also have both...

To avoid confusion, Cure#1 is not directly interchangeable/substitutable with Morton TenderQuick.

The difference is that Cure#1 contains 6.25% nitrite, whereas Mortons TQ contains Salt, Sugar, .5% Sodium Nitrate, .5% Sodium Nitrite, Propylene Glycol. Morton also makes a SugarCure which contains Salt, Sugar, Propylene Glycol, .5% Sodium Nitrate, .5% Soduim Nitrite, Spice Extratives, and Dextrose for making bacon/ham. TenderQuick and Sugar Cure are interchangeable with each other because they are premixed. Thus the weights/volumes for curing are substantially different between Cure#1 and a premixed cure. Hi Mountain is another producer of premixed cures targeting the sportsman, hunter, and fisherman.

If you are using Cure#1 (pink salt, praque powder, instacure) you will have to weigh out the sodium nitrite and mix with salt and sugar to make a curing agent. .. Thus the weights/volumes for curing are substantially different.

Cure#1 and premixes serve similar functions but the formulations are different.

I prefer to use Cure#1 as I control what goes into the mix, but I do have used the Morton and Hi Mountain products to save time when my job requires me to travel.
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