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Originally Posted by SDAR View Post
All sanctioned by the way J$.
Wanna try and rub something in? A sanctioned event has nothing to do with the type of cookers I'm asking about! Go texan la Bahia, sanctioned! $20 every Categeory! whoever finishes higher in each wins. I'll take that bet all day. Now i will let your probable acquiescence speak for itself, but if you have any more USEFUL information to divulge, feel free on the topic subject.

Originally Posted by SDAR View Post
Vault is reverse flow too. Cooking on mine this year, 9 comps and 7 walks. 2 KCBS, the rest Texas cooks. Two firsts in brisket, one with 84 teams. Three seconds a 5th and a 7th. Vault is good. However, it's still the cook and not the cooker.
Damn, i had 5 walks in my last comp unsanctioned and had 4 walks in chappel hill sanctioned with some of the best cookers in tx! Sorry bud, your way behind if your guaging your walks compared to mine.
Basic math sir.
J$= 9 walks in 2 comps with 3 1sts> SDAR= 7 walks in 9 comps

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