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Originally Posted by Hub View Post

Currently, the only feedback to judges is via the Table Captain who, in some circumstances, inform new judges if their scores are high or low compared to the rest of the table. New software will allow for judge tracking in the future.

KCBS table captains are NOT suppose to tell the judges how to or how not to score.... that is how I was taught anyway.....

Originally Posted by landarc View Post

If I am going to judge a piece of meat, or a box, or a plate of food, I am going to take a look to see if it is appetizing, and if there is a smoke ring, or not, it all comes into play if the food looks good. For me, I don't need to see a smoke ring for a piece of meat to look good, but, there has to be something. I might well judge down for a piece of meat with a large smoke ring, not because of the ring, but, because overall, it just doesn't do it for me.

"I might judge down for a piece of meat with a large smoke ring"... So, you are not judging for what is presented to you, but to what you like or don't like? That is a no-no... judge what is presented to you ! ! !

Originally Posted by landarc View Post
The reality is, you get so little time to really judge a boxes appearance, it walks by you, and sometimes rather quickly, maybe a few seconds to see the entire thing. If the meat really rocks, it hardly matters what the greenery looks like, as the judges (all meat eaters) will be looking at the meat. If the meat is blah, then their eyes will wander. But, sometimes, despite your best efforts, the meat does not really rock, that is when a few points, or fractions thereof, just might lift you up a spot or two.
When I table captain, I wait until I get the nod from the judge that he/she has had a good look at the presentation before them, and then go to the next. It might take a couple of extra seconds, but I know that they have had a chance to judge properly.
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