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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
Counselor, I think you are going to have a hard time being certified as a expert witness in the court of public opinion. The more you told us how good you are, the more difficult it became for me to swallow.

You participated in taking this conversation from garnish and smoke ring as it relates to scores, to lack of sponsorship for yourself and what others receive. Besides the fact that it's not relevant the argument borders on nonsense. Texana, aka Craig Sharry, aka Texas Pepper Jelly is paying his own expenses including the pits on the back of his trailer. He had the same choice you did, and chose to spend the money. I've got no clue what the deal is with Pitmaker, because it's not my place to ask George or Victor about their financial arrangements nor do I care. They've put themselves in the position to have the funds to do it, it wasn't given to them.

You received the most input, that was not supportive, from fellow Texans? As a Texan that has cooked both in Texas and KCBS I've formed a general opinion based on your posts in this thread and others....beginning with your desire for a showdown with Johnny Trigg. Opinion, stated as fact does not fly with many members of the jury. Until that changes I'm afraid that I'll perceive you as "J Let Me Tell You How Good I Am Money". Talk less, cook more, let your results speak for themselves and that experience will translate to credibility.
What does me having a desire to have a showdown with Johnny trigg have to do you? You said let the experience talk for itself. I just showed you my experience with all the trophies. I'm sorry if your experience was not as pleasant in the sanctioned events as mine, it happens that would be the only reason I would think you wouldn't be able to stomach it. I have judged in ctba, IBCA, lone star and they all have put emphasis directly/indirectly on the fact that a smoke ring is a natural occurring product of the cook, and not to gauge your score primarily on that. But yes, the does it look good and taste good and the overall enjoyment, but anyone no matter who they are for judging should mark down for what the consider enhanced smoke ring because you can't be absolutely certain.
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