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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Let me refine my words a little. That was when I first strarted experimenting With TQ a while back. If you put a thick coat of rub on, you will get a minuscule smoke ring when cooking H&F. Furthermore half of my comps are unsanctioned and the right use of TQ helps. It's not my problem people aren't serious about BBQ as I am. Further than that, if we weren't technologically advanced as we are now, and someone didn't spill the beans, you would still be scoring brisket with a pretty smoke ring high. Hell, this one was cooked in the oven!

And in just sayin BRO that if your a judge and your marking down scores on something your told not to judge on in the first place, I'm glad I don't compete in your sanctioning body. Down here there is no appearance Because appearance makes no difference on how it tastes, makes no difference on how tender it is, makes no difference on the overall enjoyment of the meat being sampled by the judge.
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How about this one? Chappel hill VFD grand champs SANCTIONED! 1st ribs out of 108 entrys! 3rd chicken 9th brisket and we used TQ on the damn thang! Oh gotta throw in 2nd chefs choice. That serious enough for you bud? Where are your major GC trophys? I got plenty of them? Remember I only been a contributing member for a few months on here and txbbqrub forum.

The same rib that won that won the Bellville country music festival 38 teams non sanctioned

What else do you wanna see? Oh I got more
140 teams. Used my Famous rib glaze and bean recipe. 1st beans btw which were a core Categeory

Washington county fair king of coals sanctioned. 28 out of 30 possible sanctioned 1st ribs and brisket, 3rd chicken

Now that we got that out of the way of me and our team Being crappy cooks Because half of our cookoffs are non sanctioned. What now! Are we worthy now ti give our opinion on what good bbq is? I obviously know what the heck I'm talkin about. If I missed something, please fill me in!
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Amen brotha! I'm not there to get judged on perception, Im there to take home
Money Because my chit tastes good!!! No BBQ snob here! And any of to that think that you have the right to judge down on a smoke ring when your directed not to judge on at all to begin with, you definitely need some
Re education on morals also. Teams spend $1000's on cookoffs. Don't cost you a thing to judge
Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
2, one dry, one glazed. Not my problem I used the allowances to my advantage.

Dude I got so many trophies from cookoffs, bowling, archery, and Billiards I sometimes debate throwing them all away and starting over. Good catch though I didn't even notice it
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we got our invitational papers also,just declined after we figured we would spend over $1k in gas, and they wanted like another $1k to upgrade our spot to hold our RV. We considered it, now we are not. We have no sponsors like Pitmaker and texas pepper jellies do to go to an event and cook All that food and give it all away. I go there to cook my food, take a walk of fame or take the walk of shame. Done plenty of both.
Counselor, I think you are going to have a hard time being certified as a expert witness in the court of public opinion. The more you told us how good you are, the more difficult it became for me to swallow.

You participated in taking this conversation from garnish and smoke ring as it relates to scores, to lack of sponsorship for yourself and what others receive. Besides the fact that it's not relevant the argument borders on nonsense. Texana, aka Craig Sharry, aka Texas Pepper Jelly is paying his own expenses including the pits on the back of his trailer. He had the same choice you did, and chose to spend the money. I've got no clue what the deal is with Pitmaker, because it's not my place to ask George or Victor about their financial arrangements nor do I care. They've put themselves in the position to have the funds to do it, it wasn't given to them.

You received the most input, that was not supportive, from fellow Texans? As a Texan that has cooked both in Texas and KCBS I've formed a general opinion based on your posts in this thread and others....beginning with your desire for a showdown with Johnny Trigg. Opinion, stated as fact does not fly with many members of the jury. Until that changes I'm afraid that I'll perceive you as "J Let Me Tell You How Good I Am Money". Talk less, cook more, let your results speak for themselves and that experience will translate to credibility.
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