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Originally Posted by smokinb View Post
Awseome post. Thanks for sharing. I would have thought all that time on the grill would have made it more well done, but that finished product looks perfect.
This is the 3rd Tri-Tip Iíve done this way so I know exactly how to get it to turn out same way each time. To clarify the details of the cook and my setup:

1. The meat was prepared first with a little fresh ground sea salt, then fresh ground pepper, then some whiskey steak seasoning and finally some rosemary flakes. I wrapped in stretch wrap and let this rest in the fridge overnight.
2. I had the lump mounded in the front of the kamado and you can see that the meat was in the back for indirect cooking.
3. I did it 20 minutes (40 total) per side. (I probably didnít need to flip it)
4. The internal temperature is the important part and 40 minutes (give or take a few) on my setup gives me an IT of 115. Your setup may yield a different time so just monitor the IT and youíre good. You could also smoke it longer at a lower temp or shorter at a higher temp so long as you achieve 115 IT.

Hope this helps.
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