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Default Whole Packer Cook Time

I am cooking my first packer this weekend , I have cooked a few lackluster flats in the past , but never a whole packer. The brisket weighs 14 pounds , and searching through the forums here I seem to find greatly varying opinions on how long it should take to cook. I thought at some point I saw a post someone made in the past that was somewhat of a chart for different temps and times for cooking brisket , but I can't seem to find it. So what I'm looking for is at 14 pounds , how long should it take to cook per pound at say 250 vs 275 vs 300 vs 325. I need to figure it out so I know when to start the cook. I have some people coming over for the game on Saturday , we will probably be looking to eat around 330-400pm. I would like the brisket to rst in a cooler for at least 3 hours before I slice it so I guess I'm aiming to be done around noon on the smoker. That leaves me with the low and slow over night option or up at the crack of dawn for a hot and fast. Problem is if I pick a pit temp I still don't know how long to expect it to cook. This is the largest piece of meat I've attempted to date , second place going to a 9 pound pork butt , and I want to get it right.
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