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Here's my (family and friends famous) chicken recipe:

First: Brine and marinade. I used to do this in 2 step process, but now I combine. I like to brine overnight, so I get enough sleep, so I reduce the salt content. 1/4cup of kosher, diluted with about a cup of hot water. Divy up into 2 1gal ziplocks for 2 birds, fill the rest with Orange Juice. That substitutes for water, and sugar. Plus, the acid tenderizes, and sugar will caramelize later. You can add some rosemary, thyme or whatever you feel will compliment your chicken. Keep it simple first though.

Next day, take chicken out, pour marinade into a small pot and simmer reduce to make as glazing sauce while chix r cooking.

Spatchcock the chicken (look it up. Use kitchen shear to cut backbone out, that way you don't have to flip chicken, and rub will stay on)

Pat chix dry with paper towels, slather with canola or whatever oil u got, motor oil works the least best then rub a dub dub with your preferred rub. I use 50-50 mix of McCormick rotisserie chicken and McCormick Original chicken seasoning.

Get grate to 275, throw it on skin side up. Probe the breast with a remote therm, watch till it gets to 150F

Meanwhile, reduce your marinade on the stove (by cooking it off, not by throwing some away :) ... Just making sure .. Don't mean to offend anyone's intelligence), and add honey and your rub. Taste till it's to your liking. Honey is optional.

then high heat sear it. While brushing the glaze on it.

Take it off when nice and sticky and seared to your liking.

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