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Originally Posted by Deeg View Post
Thanks, all, for the posts. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Keep it up!

For me, it's to gauge how well the controller is doing. I nice steady chart means it's working.

Wow, awesome work CapnBry. No way my resulting instructions will be as good as yours. You've even provided a link for every component. I'll be digesting your site for the next few days.

Android development (as I understand it) uses Java instead of C so I won't be able to copy your code without changes but it should still be a big help. I think I remember your posts on the Virtual Weber board. Thanks for the link!

I will copy your example and try to put in an "open lid" timer, although that will come later.

I didn't like this idea at first but after thinking about I've come around. It also makes it easier to remove a rack when one of the thermometers is in the meat. Do you put anything around the notch to minimize escaping air?

Thanks for the brace of realism. I'd be skeptical myself except that I've already completed a controller that had more complicated hardware. This one seems easier except (possibly) for the code but I'm a software engineer so I'm confident on that part. Be sure to shoot down any hare-brained ideas I might try. :)

I have the guru wifi and have it integrated with an android app I built. Works perfect but I'd love to build my own controller though so will be watching closely. Might be cool to do some comparisons with the guru when all said and done. Theirs actually adjusts their fan speed algorithm based on the smokers efficiency. Might be a useful feature to consider as I'm sure it takes a more aggressive setting to keep an offset going than a ceramic.
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