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Default Rotisserie questions

Just moved in to the new house, and as I was checking out the built-in gasser I found a bunch of rotisserie items underneath:

* two rotisserie spit rods
* two chicken prong attachments
* rotisserie motor
* two-piece turkey basket attachments
* some stainless steel disc plates (not sure what they're for - they appear to slide over the spit rod)
* some chain-link thing with hooks that I cannot figure out

Everything looks like it works, except that I can't get the rotisserie gas "burner" to light with either the igniter or a butane lighter. I probably need to dissasemble it and check for clogs in the line, etc.

I want to try to adapt it for my UDS, but for now am going to try using it on the gasser. Anyone use theirs on a gasser using the regular bottom burners rather than a side facing rotisserie burner? Seems like if I turn off the middle ones below my drip pan and just use the side ones, things would work fine. Any tips for a rookie spit man?
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