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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by Deeg View Post
More seriously, I see this in the description of the CyberQ: Open lid detect senses when the pitís lid is open to minimize the temperature disturbance and recover quickly to the setpoint, can be turned on /off (default is ON)[FONT=arial]
In HeaterMeter, I find this to be quite useful. When you open the lid the temperature drops and the fan goes to town stoking up the fire in a way that can take a really long time to drop back down to temperature. The alternative is to unplug the fan when you open the lid. HeaterMeter has a button for it (to activate a countdown to resuming control) and an autodetect that kicks off if the temperature is N% below the setpoint after achieving temperature.

You may consider using some if not all of the HeaterMeter code. The IOIO uses the exact same microcontroller and if you can get it to show up as a serial device to the Android OS, you can just use the HeaterMeter serial protocol to do all your work and just focus on making a kick-butt Android app to record/display it.
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