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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
Jmoney, I know you said you do fine w/TQ but I will tell you that judges that cook BBQ/brisket will recognize it. I know I do, the smoke ring on the sides give it away for me. Unless the flavor is really good, I'd probably score it down a point or 2. You probably already know this, just FYI.
And that's why you shouldn't be a judge! Just FYI. What gives you the right to presume the use of TQ and score down on a brisket? If I were a team which does trim the flat to fit the box before cooking, and there is meat exposed with No rub, the ring will be larger or to a non knowing judge to be enhanced. You are not supposed to make appearance scores based on a smoke ring which is actually a natural process of cooking. Woods contain nitrates as they burn the affect the meat. Pretty soon, any appearance of a smoke ring will be bad, and none will be allowed at all. Gimme a break. As a practicing lawyer, we tend to know these thing. Assumption is not perceived as truth or even law. As I disagree with you in this aspect, now you have no presumptive right.
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