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Default DIY: UDS temp controller using Android

Hey all, I'm preparing to build a temperature controller for my UDS using an old Android phone as the computer and I'm hoping to get some advice and ideas from all of you as this project goes along. I've already built a controller using an Arduino but it's not wireless and it doesn't log the temps. I hope that the new controller will be easy enough that many of you can also build one once it's complete. I will keep this thread updated and when it's done I'll create a step-by-step guide over on

My design goals, in order of importance:
  1. It's gotta work (duh). By this I want it to keep the temps relatively stable without any oversight once it's set up.
  2. Simple to replicate, for reasons stated above. However, some soldering will be required.
  3. Cheap as possible. However, because of #2 I don't plan on using many scrounged parts unless they are universally available. Not including the temperature probes I'm pretty sure I can keep it under $100.
  4. Wireless operation, including being able to change the set temperature.
  5. Easy to operate.
  6. Can be modified to fit existing UDS's.
  7. Can be made water-resistant so it can be used in the rain.
  8. Because I'm a nerd, I want lots of logging and stats available with multiple thermometers.
Is there anything important that I've missed or something you'd like to see added?

I've decided on using an Android phone largely because I already have an old one I can donate to the project. For iPhone users it should be possible to get an old Android phone somewhere cheap. The phone comes with WiFi and Bluetooth for a couple of different wireless options. It can also run a web server for remote operation.

My current plan is to use a IOIO board to connect to the Android phone. A TB6612FNG driver will be used to run a small blower that will be attached to the inlet valve of the UDS. The Android will monitor the temperature and--using a PID algorithm--set the speed of the blower appropriately.

In general I think that this is workable. My biggest concern right now is how to fit the blower to the UDS. Most of us have some sort of nipple on the UDS and I can't come up with a good (and easy) way to connect them. I'm hoping to get some ideas from you all.

What are some suggestions for snaking the thermometers into the UDS? Right now I'm threading them through the exhaust vents on the lid but this is inelegant and annoying when opening the lid.

At $50 the IOIO is the single largest expense so far (other than the phone). I'd love to hear of an alternative.
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