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Default I need some help with fatty ideas for a breakfast fundraiser

Hey all! Been a couple months since I posted. I took a hiatus from the board and Q'ing due to life getting crazy busy and the weather being horrendously hot in Southern California. Well, last weekend, I Q'd some pulled pork and smoked mac n' cheese for a neighborhood block party that was a HUUUUUUGE hit with the matchlight & frozen burger patty crowd. It was so much of a hit that I was asked to provide some breakfast food for a school fundraiser this Saturday. Without thinking about it, and in a display of hubris, I agreed. Well, now I'm stuck and I have to bring something.

Given the crowd, I was thinking fatties on croissants with syrup over the top. That said, I have no idea what I should stuff the fatties with, or what to use as a rub, or other ways to prepare them. I am definitely trying to avoid too much heat on the fatties (as much as I like really spicy food, I don't think the crowd will). So I need some help with from the brethren with recipe ideas for a first-time fatty maker looking to make fatties for a big group for a fundraiser.

Also, what do you think a good amount to charge would be? I am not looking to recoup what I spend (I'll just donate my time and the money to buy the food to the fundraiser) but I have no idea what a reasonable amount to charge for, say, 3 slices from a fatty put on top of half a croissant and drizzled with syrup. It is a pretty affluent crowd, so I was thinking $5. Watcha think?
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