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Originally Posted by Iso View Post
I just booked a cook for ~200 people. So I have 25 briskets & 20 pork butts coming. Is this too much? Figured 1#/head for brisket and a bit less for the pork. They like large portions here.

The injector we use at a competition is fine for a couple of briskets and butts just fine. This is seriously not going to work for injecting this many chunks of meat. Is there an injector that is more automated? Something that I could hookup to a gallon (or bucket) of injection and just start injecting?
Seems like more than needed to me. The butts should yield almost 90 pounds cooked (8lb butts raw), which is almost 1/2 pound per person of just butts. Not sure how brisket cooks down, but if they cook to half their weight and they start out at 15 pounds each, that's 187 pounds cooked - or nearly a pound of brisket per-person. That's my take, anyway. You're good if they can eat almost 1.5 pounds each, though! I've seen days I thought I could!
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