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Originally Posted by lashing1c View Post
Just did one a week ago. Brined a 15 pounder for 24 hours. Then set it on a can of Fosters. I also have a large deep dish pizza pan that i fill with water. I use that as a deflector sheild in my UDS. Got the temps to about 300 degrees. It took 5 hours in the smoker. Then another hour of resting in an oven I warmed up but then shut off when I put the turkey in there. I season the skin. I had some guests over. We all agreed that it was the most moist turkey we had ever had. You could actually pinch the breast meat and see the juice come out.

I heard using a turkey cannon also produces a very moist turkey. I have found with whole chickens or whole turkeys it is hard to get the skin crispy. Not so much from the tempature in the smoker but all the moisture you are trying to keep in the bird.

If it is a trade I will take a really moist turkey with good smoked flavor over dry turkey and good skin. Just my opinion.

It's not that hard to get crispy skin , if you cook with an actual grate temperature of 350 , they come out crispy on the outside and juicy and delicious inside. At that temperature or any other temperature for that matter , I've never had a bird come out with not enough smoke , poultry seems to suck up smoke like a sponge , and is far more prone to over smoking than under smoking. As far as dryness , if you take a turkey breast much past 160 before resting it's gonna dry out. Many meats are cooked by feel , poultry benefits from being cooked to a precise temperature , in my opinion.
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