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yes i have just finished a small unKcbs and yes i am a member of both KCBS And IBS the fact be that the other morning while i was in the desmoines aera i meant up with BJ Huffman and he is the one that up the bug in my mind about trying to pull one off in November yes i have been in ice and snow in iowa i lived here most my life so far but if you do not mind the rain and wind during thsummer and fall event as far if all you have is a canopies all it takes is buying a 3or 4 blue tarps and some spring camps and you got sides as well as setting up a turkey frier and there is heat i boil water on one all the time and on ebay they have canopieas with sides that are 10 by 15 for less then 300.00 so there are no thing that can not be over come to cook if you love to cook as much as i do i on the other hand have the harder job cause i do not get to cook and that make me upset but i am tring to think of my brother cooker that can not afford to spend the winters south and keep there pointsif you are a true smoker weather is not what u should be wooried about it is who will be there and they think they can beat me hahahaha
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