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An update from this weekend's vending event. This was a one day competition/festival, with sales starting at 5 and going until 11. We borrowed a concession trailer equipped with a fryer and a griddle, which we planned on using to make fries and keep the nacho cheese sauce warm.

We get there and setup, and the woman running the festival tells us we can't use the generator on the trailer because it would be too loud (even though we told them exactly what generator we had beforehand) so she let us borrow her smaller generator. The only problem was that we couldn't use the fryer, so no French fries.

Once we got into the thick of it, the griddle was waaay to hot and the cheese wasn't warming up so we decided to scratch the nachos and only sale PP sandwiches and plates. We were planning on 300 total sales, and we ended up selling just over 200. Sales were very strong for about 2 hours, then it started to rain, so things slowed down pretty quickly. Around 9, we were all out of slaw, buns, and chips for sides, so we decided to call it a day.

All in all, not a terrible day, we ended up making about $1200 profit, plus we won 2nd place ribs, people's choice pork, and grand champion for the competition (it was unsanctioned).

We'll be vending our second contest at the end of the month, so this was a great learning experience.
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