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Originally Posted by thegizzard View Post
That's a great question. The answer to that one is what really got me going with success with the Lion.

I pulled together a couple of techniques from the Akorn forum and modified them for use with the Lion.

Before you do any of this you need to set the UDC and HDC for the Lion.

Lion Parameters:

HDC is Max Fan %. I set this at 80%. I learned this recently. If the fan is too high it will blow out the fire when you use this method of starting the fire.
UDC is Min Output. It is not a %. I use 60.

With these values, you will see the Lion modulate the fan output.. not just on and off, but variable speed depending on how much air is needed. Pretty cool.

Temperature Settings:

I set STAGE 1 of the Lion for 20 minutes and a target temperature of 160*. I set up the coals using the volcano method and light the middle with a cotton ball soaked with alcohol. During STAGE 1 I have the top vent 100% open.

I set STAGE 2 for 190* and reduce the top vent to just a very small sliver. The point is to allow for enough airflow for the heat/smoke to escape but not enough air to hold the fire without the Lion's fan. If it's too open then the Lion cannot bring down the temp. If it's too closed then the fire will go out. A little experimentation is needed here. One of the best tips I read is that you need to give any adjustments to the vents at least 10 minutes to work.

I set the duration for STAGE 2 and all of the values depending on what I am cooking.

Let me know how that works for you.

Great stuff, takes a lot of guess work out of it. I've been using my Tiger for the first time today. I didn't see this until just now, so I've been pretty much doing trial and error. I just set one stage for 235, but it has pretty much wanted to stay at 250 (which is not a bad temp for smoking a pork picnic). I hit manual periodically and the temp will come down, but even before it gets down to 235 if I put it back on auto the fan comes back on and drives the temp up. I'm guessing I don't have it set quite right.
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