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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
You need to find out P,I,D by yourself on your own smoker.
If you use default settings of PID, you may need to wait some time then it will get stable.

If you set P=0, it is just a common on-off thermostat.
When temperature reaches to 200F,it will be off, but your smoker may still get hotter and hotter, say to 220F and drop again.When it drops to 198F, the thermostat will be on, but your smoker may get colder and colder till 180F and it will rise again.

In P,I,D, mode, the thermostat will predict the "tendency" to act in advance.
Say even your pit is at 205F, it will still be on. After certain period, this "in advance" will be getting more and more accurate. By fine tuning the P,I,D, this "certain period" will be much short and temperature swing will be much less.

If all buyers want, in next production I will use seperate plugs again.

By the way Auber use 2 wires probe. I am using 3 wires probe.
Thanks for that. When you say
'In P,I,D, mode, the thermostat will predict the "tendency" to act in advance."
if I set p to 0. Then is it not in pid mode, or is it always in pid mode?
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