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Nice idea with the Klean-Strip. I'm staring at a lid too with a tan liner and my drum is unlined. I think i will give this a try and was planning on doing a burn out to get the paint off on the outside but maybe I will do the the Klean-Strip as I live in a subdivision and dont want to give my neighbors a heart attack. But there is a lot of homes being built and plenty of scrap wood and my wife is going out of town in a couple of weeks with the kids and it would be bad ass to have some fire.

Also I have 2 questions. This will be my 3rd build and I'm sticking with the KISS method. But I want to add something to my lid (flat;not weber lid) so I can hook it to the drum when I'm tending to my food. I'm getting tired of putting it on the ground, etc. What do you use? A large bolt?

Also if I do go the burn out route; will I have to do anything inside the drum to get the black smoke off? Was hoping I could just season it from there but should I clean it out? Dont have a power sander or anything. Thanks.
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