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Default What have I gotten myself into??

I have been smoking meat for years, but have just recently had a desire to do it better.

It all started with a little Weber kettle grill that I rigged up to smoke with. Went to a Kingsford barrel grill that I ended up modifying to optimize smoking.

Two months ago, I snapped!

I went in search for knowledge. I thought to myself "There are car forums and gun forums, there must be BBQ forums?" Punched it into the google machine and ended up here. I read for two solid weeks. Looking for the best type of smoker.

Now I find myself building a smoker out of a coupe of drums. I know I could have just built a UDS, but where's the fun in that? I settled on an offset reverse flow drum smoker.

I snagged a couple coolant drums from work.

Cut and clean!

Stuck together.

Lid flange finished.


Cut and welded in a 1/8 inch plate.

Chains for hinges (I think I'll call it The Chain Smoker)

Stack pulled out of the trash bin at work.

Where it's at as of today.

I have now been working on this thing for a month on my weekends. I'm not a welder or fabricator by any means. It been frustrating blowing through the thin walls of the drums using my little flux core welder. I wish I had a better work space and maybe a few more tools. I've got to build the grill, put a door on the firebox and add some thermometers and it'll be ready to go!

If I had to do it all over again I'd use a 22' x1/4 steel pipe. Or just build a UDS.

My name is Jesse, and I'm addicted to BBQ.
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