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Ok so i buit this thing. My UDS. Smoked my first Pork Butt. I was told it turned out goood. But i did not have any type of power draft yet ($). So i used a new blow dryer (only $19). This worked but i had to constantly go turn it on. 2 to 3 times an hour. Yeah 11 hours later the meat was good. But wht a pain. So now getting ready for my second cook. Im moving on up.... To temperature controlled bliss. I can sit inside drinking my whiskey in air conditioned comfort. Cable TV, internet, other chores yeah like making my own BBQ sauce, cole slaw, etc. So here is a couple of pics of the power draft unit i picked up an Auger controller online for a $149. Yeah i know a lot cheaper than a $400 stoker or $360 for a CyberQ Wifi. Either of these units would make me happier with Wifi. But it's BBQ now or wait for funds. Yeah thats right... lets cook now.

I did have to do one modification to the blower unit in order to get this unit to fit my 3/4in. shut off valve. So back to home depot for steel pipe fittings. another 3/4in. short thread pipe and a flange should work nicely. And it did!!

so here's the pics...
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