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Originally Posted by Crazy Harry View Post
I got a Vision Kamado about 2 weeks ago and grilles some steaks.Foe smokingI realized I would need a diffuser. Vision sells one that is available at Hime Depot

this unit has a bracket that places the stone below the grate so both grates can still be used for smoking. I checked at the local HD and this is only available on line while I was there, I saw this for $13

Ialso picked up a 14" teracotta pot base for $9 and a couple of 1/2" non galvanized steel bars to make a bracket.

I tried it with some ABTs with good results.

the brackets put the plate 4" below the grate.

$9 for the plate and $6 for the steel is a lot better than $50 for their stone.
I purchased the exact same pizza stone for my Vision and it has been working well. I love the "flower pot" setup. How is that holding up? Looks like a simple mod that will give me the lower grate surface area back for more meat during a low and slow.

I do love this grill.
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