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Default Real simple gig, brisket for 50-75, need confirmation on #s please.

So, my second small cooking/catering gig is coming up and again need some confirmation or additional feedback on estimates. Customer simply wants sliced (flat and point meat) and sauced brisket for 50-75 guests for a reception. I'm thinking I'll need about 50lbs precooked to yield 30lbs cooked meat. This will give me about right between 1/3 and 1/2 lb per serving (factoring for 75 servings). This will be pretty much the only protein there with several sides I'm told.

Do these #s seem accurate? I'm wondering if my pre to cooked weight yield is too low at 40% loss...should I make that 50% and start with 60lbs?

Thanks brethren for the any and all feedback.
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