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Howdy All;

Getting set to move South for the Winter...

For those of you that mentioned your courious about the thicker pot...

I have a 1/8" on each side of the regular SJ cooking grates so the bolt heads are on the inside with a thin washer for the grates to rest upon.
The Craycort Grill set-up consists of a ring that holds 2 halves of the grate.
The ring itself will fit to the bottom minus about an inch. I choose to NOT use it as I'm not sure how much it will expand so it sit on the bench while the 2 halves work and just fit just fine in the bottom of the pot.

Not having a camera and being the owner of the World's dumbest phone (on purpose, don't need the extra charges), .... handicaps me so I hope that my written explanations suffice if not ask questions and I'll try to answer so the fog lifts...

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