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How did your build turn out? I had a hard time finding the proper pot for mine, but the restaurant supply store near me was supposed to have a thick aluminum pot in stock. But I just ordered the Vasconia pot from Amazon, ($35, and only $45 to ship it to Canada).

I was concerned the thicker material may have been too thick to allow the grate to fit inside. Wouldn't mind seeing pics of how yours turned out. Especially with the Craycort grill.

Originally Posted by hankaye View Post
Howdy All;

I went and ordered a thicker pot;

Winware Professional Aluminum 32 Quart Stockpot: Kitchen & Dining

The walls are 3/16th" an so is the bottom. Lookin' for heat retention
like a thicker walled Horizontal smoker. Also duriability...
Arrived today.
SJS cooking grate fits inside with a wee bit of room to spare. It fit all
the way down to within 1" of the bottom where the radius curves into
the bottom.
Have a set of the Craycort CI grates ordered to be heatsink/ diffuser,
and don't think the ring they sit in will fit but the grates should do well
sitting on thelip I intend to leave. They will also be used for when i just grill a steak or a chickin brest or choose to sit a CI pan on it to cook some eggs and backon for breakfast.
I live (fulltime), in a 5th wheel RV so the Mighty Mini will be called on to do multi-duties.
Promise to keep ya'll in the loop as this comes together...

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