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Originally Posted by Heisenberger View Post
Question here: I ended up with a very large charcoal basket 17'' across 6'' high, should I fill the whole damn thing up (20#) and let it die out when I'm done?

I have a removable lid and was going to poke exhaust holes instead of making a stack. Will my coals burn out if I have no way to cover the exhaust holes?
IMHO this depends on what type of charcoal you use. Some say the Briq's are like a sponge, and will draw moisture, but lump can be re-used. So in the case of briq I would suggest, and will practice myself from now on trying to either load just enough for the run, and or let it burn out in it's own. I HAVE noticed reusing briq before I read they draw moisture that a basket containing re-used briq acted a little "weird"

I'll differ from the others, I have never had a way to close the vents in my lid, and either lump or briq smother just fine if I just close all the air intakes.

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