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Default Recipe: St. Louis Pork Steaks

St. Louis Pork Steaks

Having been partially raised in Columbia, Missouri I thought it high time that
I feature a great grilled staple of the region -- pork steaks. St. Louis pork
steaks are "steaks" that are cut from a pork butt. They are typically
seared over a hot charcoal fire and then braised in a mixture of beer and
barbecue sauce. How can you possibly go wrong with that?

These are really simple, but the results are spectacular. I use a basic
"Dalmation" (salt and pepper) seasoning with a little garlic. I'd urge those
of you that are barbecue masters to resist the urge to over-complicate
things by adding a bunch of extra ingredients.

You want steaks that are cut at least an inch thick, but I prefer 1 1/4". If
you can't find them in the case at your local store (they're typically labeled
as "blade steaks"), just ask the butcher to cut some from a pork butt.

OK, let's get this show on the road.

4 large Pork steaks, 1 1/4" thick
3 Tbs Kosher salt
1 1/2 Tbs Black pepper, ground fresh
2 tsp Granulated garlic (not "powdered")
16 oz Beer (I used Bud Light)
18 oz Your favorite barbecue sauce (I used KC Masterpiece Sweet & Tangy)

Combine the salt, pepper and garlic in a small bowl and mix well.

Season both sides of each steak liberally with the seasoning, then place
them in zip-top bags and refrigerate at least three hours, or overnight.

Start your grill and prepare for direct cooking over high heat (450-500º).
Sear the steaks on each side.

While the steaks are searing, combine the beer and barbecue sauce in a
large bowl and whisk to combine.

Put the steaks in a single layer in disposable aluminum pans and cover with
half of the beer and barbecue sauce mixture.

Cover the pans tightly with foil.

Move your coals to one side of the grill for indirect cooking. Put the pans
on the side of the grill opposite the coals and cook, indirect, for 90

Note: Add charcoal as needed to keep the temperature at about 350º
throughout the rest of the cooking time.

Remove the steaks from the pans and quickly sear them over direct heat
(about 2 minutes per side). Remove to a platter and let rest for about five

Serve and enjoy!

Makes about 6 servings


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