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Originally Posted by amg1444 View Post
Thanks, and no they're not. Do you think it would be necessary? How would you recomend doing it?
Well I'm no expert, but I think a "traditional" Santa Maria is open air but uses a crank mechanism to raise and lower the cooking grate closer or further from the heat. We're already into new territory with a lid.

That said, an enclosed, insulated cooker will be easier to maintain steady temps, cooks with convection, and is more fuel efficient.

To build an insulated cooker, you basically have to make everything double-walled and put an insulator between the layers. I saw pix of a great build elsewhere, if I find them again I'll link.

But you don't need any of that to have a great cooker! Not by any means. The Weber kettle, the UDS, the Lang reverse flow... none of them are insulated. Only asked because it looked like yours might be. :)

Looks like an awesome build... what's it like to cook on?
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