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Originally Posted by rolfejr View Post
Over the last weekend, after many brisket disasters, including one that may have cost me a trip to the Sam's regionals, I decided to cook a brisket until it was done.

By nature I am a specific person. It must have a deadline, finish line, or end point to make me happy. So the brisket rule "it's done when it's done" was killing me.

So I put the brisky on the WSM at midnight - 250 deg and went to bed. Got up at 6 and wrapped it. Good bark, did not check the temp. Around 10am I started checking with a toothpick for doneness.
At 12:15 pm I finally understood what I should have been looking for all along!
Now I get it. It was spectacular, it had the WOW factor that I was looking for.
No thermometers, no probes, no time limit, just a toothpick and a lot of faith.

I can't wait to cook my next one.
If I understand correctly you cooked it 6 hours wrapped?
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